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Faint Line Red Tide.jpg

Faint Line

Previously of WeatheredMan fame, Simon Bradshaw’s pointed instrumental instincts are capitalised by a new and elegant voice - Lia Wickham of Leeds Conservatoire. Together they make something graceful, reaching, tense… you need to listen to Red Tide. You’ll see what I mean. It leads towards their debut EP coming out in the coming months.

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Podcast: Spring Is For Renewals... And Eurovision

A number of rebirths greet us with WeatherdMan’s Simon Bradshaw teaming up with new talent Lia Wickham to give us Faint Line and their new single Red Tide. We also showcase an old friend in the guise of Tourist Attraction - I have an involved conversation with their frontman, before playing their debut single Don’t Play Games With Me. Among Eurovision gossip and news from around and about, we round off with Love Carries Me Home by Tallulah Rendall.

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Tallulah Rendall.png

Tallulah Rendall

It’s going to be ok. Do you know why? Start playing Love Carries Me Home. Yeah, I feel better too. It’s an easy way to let five minutes slip away, and is taken from her 6th studio album. She has quite the history, touring worldwide, working with award-winning producers and being on of the first artists to introduce crowdfunding back in the mid 00s.

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Tourist Attraction.jpg

Tourist Attraction

A story of toxic relationships, self respect and recovery ducks in and out between feel-good vibes and indie rock hooks. Tourist Attraction is the rebirth of the three-piece fronted by Paul Blakeway-Ely, known to some of you from our ADSRecords live talent showcases! After a long hiatus, they are plunging headfirst into new material and a return to the live circuit.

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