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To be considered for Artist Management please email with the subject "Artist Management". Include links to your music and a 50 word desciption.

Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Since 2013, we have developed an established system which prepares artists for success in today’s industry. We provide a range of services to artists centred around artist management - covering branding, campaigning, live events, stage coaching, industry mentoring and songwriting support, all built around a sustainable long term strategy. Making your music work for you is hard, even when that music is really good. We help with that. Only when our artists thrive do we succeed.


But we’ve always given a little more. Over the years, we’ve pushed new music and emerging artists that deserve it, hence our monthly podcast and blog which has become a bit of an institution all of its own. While we’re helping our artists succeed, we’re busy entertaining you with a stream of new music news and recommendations.

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