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Video Of The Month

Chicken Hands

Cut Throat Francis

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C Scarlet.jpg

C Scarlet

Mix up some classic dance textures, Lorde-style vocals and a self-affirming message and you have something captivating - Higher Self by C Scarlett. Coming out of Milton Keynes, she has two new releases lined up, each with music videos, all of which recorded out in Venezuela. Her feet are firmly UK-based now, though, where reaching her gigs will be nice and easy.

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Podcast: The 49.6%

A trio of female talent is fitting for the month of International Women’s Day. C Scarlett, Demi Jordanae and C Scarlett span the genres of dance, R&B and opera, not to mention two continents, with three new singles: Higher Self, Smell Like You and Rosas Negras. Having painted a broad musical picture, Cam fills in the news and details.

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Demi Jordanae.jpg

Demi Jordanae

If you like to feel like you’re wrapped in luxury, mellow vibes and soulful vocals, hit play on Demi Jordanae’s Smell Like You. The transatlantic singer songwriter has recently signed to all-female label Powher Sound in LA, where she’s busy cooking up her next releases and collaborations. She’s planning to test her material live before it hits the studio…

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Kasia Ignotowicz.jpg

Kasia Ignotowicz

A grand and flawless opera performance leads Rosas Negras, the neo-classical original song from Polish artist Kasia Ignotowicz. Having graduated from the modernism-steeped Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music and taken a long detour through Spain, Kasia has set up shop in London, where she hopes the British capital will bring connections and collaborations - fusion on the horizon?

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