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Cut Throat Francis

Lie Yourself Cool

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Nika Timos

Like the ghost of a previous dancefloor polished with a modern sheen, Crash combines rapid vocal beats with grooving synth bass. Nika Timos is a St Petersburg Born, Oxford dwelling artist who is busily producing new music. Keep one eye peeled in the usual places, new material is incoming.

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It’s a silky March here on this month’s show, with Izzy Francis and her pop pick-me-up Beautiful World, Sleeper Service returning to bring us Saturate and Nika Timos’ smooth electronic pop. Should be enough to keep you cruising along into April.

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Sleeper Service

In classic Sleeper Service style, Saturate is a masterclass of understated passion that, like a Rolls Royce, is full of smooth yet powerful pickups. Returning to the show from their Calentour appearance representing Oxford, they have an impregnable lineup of new music waiting to drop - keep an eye on their socials for the when and wheres.

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Izzy Frances

Izzy has concocted a pop track that is elegant, energising and uplifting. Here is an artist who understands the texture of her voice and how to fit it into a larger sound. Beautiful World is in support of the Sacred Nature Initiative, headed by Jonathan and Angela Scott of the Big Cat Diaries - check them out. Meanwhile from Izzy, a new track this March!

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