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InderPaul Sandhu

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THE Midsummer Night's Tour



On the eve of their Beyond Skåne tour, the indie-pop foursome have already announced their biggest news of the summer. Taking the perilous journey across sea and land, they will voyage to the UK to play a raft of gigs around the country. Taking in London and the indie capitol Brighton and many others, now you really can see them live. Check it out.

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Shatner have a style that doesn’t sit well with categories. Yes, they’re pop-rock, strictly speaking. But that doesn’t do justice to their brilliant sense of satire or their whimsical songwriting. And they’ve got the art well learnt with three studio albums already under the belt and a fourth, Enlightenmental, just finished. That’s where we found this month’s Heterosapien. Launch gig at the Budenell Social Club Leeds, by the way, 23rd this month.

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A rockier theme with introductions to Shatner’s whimsical pop- rock and classic Brit-indie from Candidates. If you’re not so into rock, we’ve balanced it off with some very charismatic RnB from Surya. It’s also a really good idea to check in for the big news with Pwned By Gravity - for their fans here in the UK, this year is the year.

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Resonating rock is a good description of Candidates. Their song All I Need is saturated in 90s brit-indie inspiration, with all the spirit, thorns and reverb that goes with it. Picked up by BBC Introducing, they released their debut EP EP1 in February. Catch them at Luton Aid and PennFest this month for the full experience.

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Surya (aka Iris Iver) released Adolessence earlier this year, displaying for us an emerging RnB come electronic pop artist with an undeniable style and identity. Glad as we were to play The Ride back in February, we’re gladder to have played more than one from the album. Between The Sheets retains that signature flow, while hitting a softer tone than Feb’s feature. Between then and now his music has peaked the ears of the BBC and travelled as far as South Africa.

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