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Bambie Thug

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Rya paints with words, soulful harmonies and RnB instrumentals with such precision that everyone within five miles will be sucked into the lyrics and story of Calling For The Same Thing. London based and very busy, he has a string of new releases and live events peppered across this coming year. Keep up to date and check out his even newer single, Let Me Fall.

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Podcast: London Medley

A span of the latest sounds from London, as Hani Abbasi serves us funk pop rhythms with When In London, Rya brings in the soul, rhythm and blues with Calling For The Same Thing and Maddie Ashman sends us off with The Song I Always Forget About. The gaps well filled as usual with info, news and updates from these and our artists.

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Hani Abbasi

Groovy, funky, compelling. Once When In London sticks its bass riff in, there’s no letting go. Having left Shanghai’s underground arts and music scene and set up shop in London, he teamed up with a Royal Philharmonic violinist to press ahead with his next trail of projects. Gigs are always percolating, stay in the loop over on his socials.

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Maddie Ashman

A reflective and mellow offering from podcast veteran Maddie Ashman. Duetting with Oscar Anton, Maddie uses her skill as a cellist and songwriter to tell a story about the power of music and its connection to our past. Based in London, she’s performing in Reading on 23rd this month as part of BBC Radio’s Artists In Residence program.

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