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Beckton Boy

Tom Gamble

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London pop soloist Edith brings a smooth and polished single with No Matter What You Do. It’s a shake-and-stir of synths, vulnerability and hooks so hooky they could catch plankton. She’s planning to release an album this year - in the meantime pass an ear by her previous, self-titled EP, Edith and click those social icons up there on the right.

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We’ve got a London theme this month with three artists from our infamous capital - but that’s where the similarities end and the eclecticism begins. Listen to crispy pop from Edith, urban meets punk-indie vibes from Charlie Steel and Country & Western from The Swamp Stomp String Band. Tying it all up with a peek into recent grassroots music news, we’ve got February all tied up.

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Charlie Steel



Charlie Steel’s Up All Night brings us an ambling journey through his mind, a menagerie of urban moments told through the medium of chill-rap and steady indie guitars. There’s five singles planned for this year, with one just out now: KNOCKS, complete with music video. In his own words, it’s his “most punk angry rant song to date”. Sounds good to us.

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The Swamp Stomp String Band


When it’s time to kick back and lap up the charm, what could be better than some retro country & western? To that end, we present Drink Wine Blues from The Swamp Stomp String Band. The twang-masters released it as a lead to their upcoming album, Old Dog, Old Tricks, and will see them touring London and the southwest in March and April.

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