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One More Song

David Coslett

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Tom Sail

The world sounds better with Tom Sail. Despite the wistful melancholy of the lyrics, we can’t help but be compelled by St Lucia’s upbeat instrumentation, not to mention its heart-snaring chorus, delivered by a voice not dissimilar from Phil Collins. Originally from Manchester but now sounding in London, check out his other recent release Two Weeks.

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This time it’s funk, neo-classical and singer-songwriter, in amongst a swell of news and industry updates. Cast your ears to The Wild Violets, Lucy Cheung and Tom Sail against a backdrop of murmur and chat from resident podcaster Cam Snell. It’s also another way to get the what’s-on with The High Points and generally while away twenty minutes!

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The Wild Violets


We do like to say that funk has been a neglected genre, but that might be changing. The Wild Violets are the perfect artist to showcase funk’s span; where The High Points hold the indie end of the funk fort, The Wild Violets occupy the more RnB and soul towers of the same mansion. From the new EP Sundays & Midweek, don’t miss the London launch party, 15th Feb, Roadtrip & Workshop.

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Spot The Playlist


We’re making a new playlist for you on Spotify. It’s called Music Of The Moment and it’s full of music recommendations, almost all of which is unavailable on the podcast and certainly none of it is mainstream, so you can be sure we’ve had to dig for you. Alex has his hands on it for the moment, but it will be updated seasonally as another member of the team picks up the baton. Let us know what you think of it!

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Lucy Cheung

Inspired by a 1,500 mile train journey through a stormy night and sung in the language of Mandarin, you know you’re about to listen to something different. The meandering classical guitar and pristine vocals evoke the clattering of rail sleepers and rain blown over windows. Add in a mist of Joseph Conrad and you have a very cultured track, fifth in Lucy’s debut album.

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Slaying The Princess

Princess Slayer, lynchpin of the underground electronic scene, have called it a day. They graced our podcast all the way back in 2015, and since then a whole series of electronic artists have cited them as a major inspiration, or boasted that they once shared a stage. At this moment, we wanted to point you in the direction of their last video, and raise a glass to the five people who were Princess Slayer.

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