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Video Of The Month

Never Ending Nights

The Gladstone

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Holding the attention through a longer piece of music can be a real challenge. Get it right and join the ranks of Queen and Pink Floyd. Get it wrong and perish in the pit of ideas that nobody will remember. Show Your Face has landed on the right side of the line, maintaining a sense of structure and progression over what these days is a voyage of electronic feels. And yet already his even-newer single Spaces In Between is ready for listening, paving the way to his coming album.

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Podcast: Sound Spectrum

Cam finds a few moments to update us on the coming festival season between a heartily satisfying line-up of acoustic singer-songwriter Gavin Ellis, Novelistme’s indie rock signature and Ocmino’s spacious yet dramatic electro, with their respective singles Rescue Me, Uptight Insecure and Show Your Face.

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Gavin Ellis

Quality vocals, memories in the evening, wine in the sun. That’s our description of Gavin Ellis’ Rescue Me, from his new album Heartstrings. The album as a whole is certainly worth a look through if you like his appearance on this month’s show, struck through with his gruff but pinpoint voice and punchy acoustic vibes, otherwise keep an eye on his platforms for live moments.

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We were impressed with Novelistme’s multi-instrumental skills when he appeared back in May. He’s now upped the bar again with his new single Uptight Insecure. It displays its fuzzy indie rock credentials early with some extra distorted guitars, showcasing a riff even your nan would appreciate. There follows a healthy balance of textures, sometimes exploring, always satisfying, a promising pit stop on his ascent into single land.

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