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Video Of The Month

Better Days Unplugged

The Assist

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Bear Witness.bmp

Bear Witness

Insane is the deeply satisfying modern rock track by the Brighton powerhouse, released right at the dawn of the month. Drawing on American 00s influences and rich in effects and expressive punch, anyone who’s even dipped a toe in the genre should find this pretty infectious. Check out their excellent discography or catch them live in Camden next month.

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Podcast: Roots Out Of Jazz

Exploring the beginnings of jazz and blues for international jazz day, and connecting it to the music we love today. Proven with our excellent exhibits: the anthemic pop track Happy To Lose My Mind from Kieo, the fuelled-up rock track Insane by Bear Witness and rounding off with the gentle Waltz In The Louvre from Eloise.

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Freeing, emotive, anthemic - here’s a track that gets under your skin. Happy To Lose My Mind is the very recent single from Kieo who has recently returned to his native Liverpool following a musical tour of duty in Ireland and Norway and are brewing new music, lots of summer shows and other anticipation-worthy shake-ups.

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Eloise Georgiana.bmp

Eloise Georgiana

Eloise has given us something gentle, something magnetic. Let’s go Waltz In The Louvre - you’ll feel better for it. Three-stepping to us from the South West, Eloise is also deeply involved in fashion and creative photography, giving plenty of reasons to make regular visits to her socials while you can keep an eye for things to come.

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