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It's Out Out!

The first of Spencer Flay’s string of collabs this year, he’s teamed up with Latino singer Nicole Silva to bring us Out Out. The result is infectious. There’s no vaccine against this one. Smooth, groovin’ and full of good feels but what’s more, you can see the two of them meeting to perform it in person if you head to London on the 2nd November - check it out.

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Podcast: Connections

In amongst celebrating the sweet release of Spencer Flay’s Out Out, we celebrate International Podcast Day by gathering news and music from some of our extended podcast network. Rya returns to the show with SHOW OFF. and Wise John shares his new single Tell Me What You Want just ahead of releasing his collab with leo. Rounded out with industry news and updates from old friends.

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The smoothest, most assuring RnB I’ve heard in a while. With a touch of mellow dance. That’s Rya, coming back to share SHOW OFF. with us, his very fresh single that came at the tail end of August. Having first crossed into our radar in February, it’s good to see that he’s lost none of his style - check out his socials for more of that.

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Wise John

Good music is often to evoke all sorts of things and transport you to places. Wise John’s new single Tell Me What You Want puts you on a steady stroll through the neighbourhood, pondering the current romantic mysteries of your life. The unstoppable workaholic has a whole string of projects and releases coming, including a collaboration with leo. coming 15th this month.

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