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Go Blind

InderPaul Sandhu

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Promises Promises

Things that get you moving in seconds are rare in this world. In the world of music that is, anyway. Let us introduce you to one of them - Fabricated by Promises Promises. And they build on it with silky electronic production and the effortless passion of Jonny Marenghi’s vocals. The Bristol trio (comprised of two Jonnys and a James) can be caught next in Skies, if you’re westward bound.

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Pop on the edge of hip-hop this month from Mos-B, amongst electropop trio Promises Promises and not pop but beautifully acoustic Ben Morgan-Brown. Sit yourself down and spoon up September’s treats. There’s some dainty tidbits of news and updates from around the label too with background and context from Cam.

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Multi-faceted, a sense of fun and theatricity, ranging from mellow and down-to-earth pop to the proud parade of RnB… all of this wrapped up in the cohesive sound of Mos-B. Something of a legend in his native Sierra Leone (because, well, this), he’s ready to take on Europe. And good thing too - we could all do with a case of the vibes from time to time. Currently residing in France, but we hope to host him soon!

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Ben Morgan-Brown


Ben’s softly intricate guitar fingerings are an instant draw, but they hide the depth and space of the song and the EP as a whole. Born of an intense personal journey and a musician of skill and delicacy, Cold Rooms demonstrates what it is to be an acoustic singer-songwriter, with its stripped instrumentation and bare emotion. If you like it, the weeks-new single Nameless Gold is here. He’s in London on the 9th too, if you fancy him live.

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VH tee pic.jpg

Badge On A Bag?

Valle's returned to Sweden, leaving a trail of memorabilia behind him like gold dust from a pixie. Buy a badge, buy a tee, buy a teabag on a tote bag - the possibilities are endless! Why buy such trinkets, you may wonder. Listen to this and it'll all make sense.

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