We’re soaring out of summer feeling pretty damn good about new music. Not only have we enjoyed a shining festival season, but it’s just past half-way through the year and we’ve already been inundated with stellar new sounds. This month holds another trio of memorable new tracks, from rock through country and electro-gothic. They say there’s even an Indian summer still to come.


Chloë Chadwick


Chloë delivers a sumptuous blend of country and rock. Talk To Me is set up with graceful timing and is compellingly hooky - not least because of a voice that soars like an eagle caught on a thermal. The Awards have her up for Best UK Act and Best Female UK Act this month - good luck Chloë! Listen to her debut album, Dustbowl Jukebox here.





Three UK acts liven our podcast this month - Country rock singer Chloë Chadwick, brit-punk band Coltana and electro-gothic duo Living Dead Girl. Cam gives us his fill of all three alongside some extra snips and treats, including details of a (nearly) secret store discount… everything you need for a new music celebration.





Waiting For The Storm has a chorus that hits you with unexpected force. The genre-expanding Brixton Brit-punk band harness an energy and a rawness that is unassailable - prepare yourself for their debut EP coming this winter. Better yet, get the preview live at Brixton’s Hand In Hand on the 8th December (Cam’s birthday, don’t you know!) or check out their website.





Living Dead Girl



The London based duo return with their signature blend of electronica and gothic ambient pop. Their very new single Still Life introduces a certain swing to their repertoire and a fitting sense of grandeur. The pair are always busy with new material and the pull of the live circuit - if you want something unique on the London scene, check out their website or social media.

More In Store


During the summer, we went to the store with a camera and a feather duster and came out feeling refreshed. If the range of pletcrums, tees and CDs sporting phenomenal emerging music doesn’t quite do it, there’s a 20% Pwned By Gravity discount floating around this September. If you want to find it, you could look in the podcast, or send PBG a message.