New signing! We welcome Pwned By Gravity, indie rock band from Sweden. What is it about Scandinavia? Meanwhile, we are reaching up and reaching out in an effort to help artists and bring you better stuff. In our fight for unloved talent, we encourage you to lose yourself in a streaming service this month - half an hour of that can change your sonic life.




Welcome back to ambient rock, fuzz rock, or shoegaze - they all amount to a similar thing: a diversion from the tradition. This isn’t the old rock that screams in your face or tries to recreate the haka. This is a mood, a background of chilled confidence expressed with distortion and drums. Minty fresh from its release last month, listen to One from their upcoming EP If I Ever.





Three very different tracks on this month’s show - shoegaze, hip-hop and electronic all feature. If you think previous podcasts have displayed a spectrum, then this is a Picasso. Our world buffet includes newcomers Orchin, Beyond Rare and Eldé with music from here to the Pacific. Grab a little bite of our new signing Pwned By Gravity, and catch up with all the latest.




Hip-hop, home-grown, proper and old fashioned. Except for those post- noughties electronics. Eldé is a newcomer and a Londoner. This month’s Rock With Me is melodic and hypnotic. There’s no ‘try the first 30’ with this; once the music starts, you’re on an irresistible and silky slide to the end. The whole thing is one big hip-hop hook.


Pwned By Gravity LIVE

Beyond Rare


We mentioned last month that Beyond Rare’s Cold sounded a bit like a space monastery. This month’s Sun Turns takes us away from that comfort and floats us into the black beyond. It still has the electro-gothic spaciousness that makes them so entrancing, yet flavours it with an uncertainty, a darkness and an experimental edge that is less anthemic and so much more intriguing. Check out their latest release High Like too, featuring King Courtney.


Events Of Gravity


It’s happening - Pwned By Gravity, our latest find from Nyköping in Sweden are due to sign on the dotted line in early September! Well, it’s not dotted, it’s just sort of a line, but I’m being, you know, “proverbial”. We’re very excited to be working with our next international artist. In the immediate future, there is an international tour taking in three European capitals, and a new EP well underway. Another two reasons to be keeping up with their social media.


Talisay Nights Returns

Harry Goulding, the talent behind the legendary Talisay Nights, returns from his philanthropic expeditions to the Philippines, his head brimming with new song. He will be returning to our studios shortly to put pen to paper, or should I say mouth to mic. If you want to know what all the fuss is about, listen to his previous Music Past Midnight collection - a serene reflection expressed in intimate vocals and a paradoxical blend of calm and life.