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No Promises

No Pain

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Jayde Chamberlain

If you want a healthy dose of personality, you should be listening to C.B.A. Criminally catchy with its pop vibes and lyrics that are, let’s say, a bit relatable, everyone needs a spoonful or two of this lady. She has plenty of range to her skills so watch this space - based in London, Jayde is in the process of partnering with publishers and upping her footprint.

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We give Key Workers some long-deserved airplay this month alongside some words from its artist, Spencer Flay. He’s flanked by some very memorable pop from Jayde Chamberlain and moody rock from Alternative Therapy. And of course a little sprinkling of noise from podcast host Cam.

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Chit Chat With Spencer Flay

Cam has interviewed Spencer Flay and saved the fruits of their dialogue for all posterity. Get an insight into the ukulele-wielding Bristolian’s world, covering everything from songwriting to live streams to Bristolian slang to snickers and sausage dogs. We’ve shared a teaser with you on this month’s show, but head here for the full deal.

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Alternative Therapy

Alternative Therapy have captured more than a live ambience with their recording of Rosita’s Revenge. They’ve captured something atmospheric, moody, vaguely Español and full of suffocated passions. The rock group is doubling down on their songwriting efforts and we’re expecting the new releases to start coming in the new year.

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Spencer Flay

Spencer’s dedicational song to Key Workers, named just that, is exactly what such a song should be - uplifting, heartfelt and beaty. It’s seen plenty of success, from the associated charity livestream gig and press, but we’ve never given it the airplay it deserved on the show. Well, here it is! Spencer Flay is deep into planning his next releases, for the fans out there.

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