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The High Points

You might not be able to cruise down a palm tree-lined road on a hot day in a roofless car, but you CAN listen to the new single Need Your Love by The High Points, which is pretty damn close. It’s just the start, as it heralds the EP Instant Love to come on 26th this month. They’ve been busy talking to the BBC and Park Radio about it, but now it's here!

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New is the buzzword on the show this month, all three of our tracks having been released within a week of October’s episode. Catch The High Points’ lead single, the launch of Loome and the rebrand launch for HEAVN. Plate it up with a side of news and chat, and you have everything you need to be up to speed.

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Loome floats on an upbeat but ethereal electronic cloud that’s been all too absent from our ears in recent years. Tomas Frankson is no newbie in the music industry, running a music school and having collected numerous accolades - and it shows in the debut single Capricorn. Fresh out 1st October, shimmering treble pulses back and forth behind quietly confident vocals, showcasing a new project inspired by the cosmos.

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You remember when Hobnobs suddenly resurfaced in dark chocolate, and you fell in love with them all over again? Carry Lyanne returns to our podcast as HEAVN, a rebranded, heavier, darker pop reincarnation of what came before. High is a perfect debut, picking up her R&B heritage of delicately soulful vocals and synth spacers, but adding an emotive third dimension that feels new.

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To pick a bag or bag a pick?

There’s still one week left on the goodies promotion. Use the code PROMO18 before 7th October to get 30% off across the store. As new goods and artists are set to ride in over the next months, some of it may not be around forever. For supporting new music, you can’t get much more literal than buying some merch and wearing it out.

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