It’s the first month of autumn and as the trees begin to change, it's also a time of change here at the label. Join us in a feast of music, with an orchestral release and music from three new artist discoveries - even more exciting that stepping on that crunchy looking leaf!


Plastic Barricades


Culturally reflective lyrics are stitched together with a frenetically energetic backing in Medicine Man, constructing a rocket-fuelled indie sound akin to The Mars Volta. It’s just one of the songs on their new Mechanics Of Life album that you can find here - or even better catch them live around the UK this month.





A barrage of new releases for you this month, with stellar indie and hip-hop from KARMS, Plastic Barricades and One Line To An Angle. Amongst the tirade, bring yourself up to speed with the label and its network friends, with a store promotion and an orchestral release.

One Line To An Angle



One Line To An Angle said they aim to produce a sound with punch on every track and frankly, they’d give a boxer a run for their money. In featured track Grey, both electronic and hip-hop styles are fused together, fired with an efficacy and daring that deserves a moment’s recognition. If you enjoyed their skill, style and swagger like we did, their new track Loko is out 2nd this month.


Still Life


Stephanie Cheape



Stephanie Cheape is leaving our label shores after a short and trailblazing appearance with us here at ADSRecords. After earning herself newer and bigger opportunities, we hope (and expect) that she does very well. The only way is up - keep an eye on this one, and remember, you met her here first!





River hits you in its first second with an indie blitzkrieg. Just as you’re getting your head in the game, those captivating vocals cut into you with emotional precision. Chuck in a passion-filled chorus and you get plenty of reasons why we’re excited for their EP! The Dublin-based quartet are another gem in Ireland’s flourishing music scene.

Score And Store


Our celebrated score for Tom Tremayne’s indie horror short Darkwood is being released on Soundcloud this month, so you can listen to the composition as a standalone piece. If you’re not the orchestral type, you can celebrate the legendary Mama Sonic with a discount on all their goodies in the store for 7 days only - ending 7th October! Use promo code MS2017 to get 25% off!