Leaves fall, days shorten, and the summer weather tries to cling on. It’s all very penultimate, but rest assured that ADS will be raving well into winter. We have three new artist introductions for October, and Swedish act Pwned By Gravity spanning Europe in their epic international tour. And then there’s all the new material in the pipeline. Autumn or not, there’s no ‘fall’ here.


Jake Brett


Brighton did well to forge Fatboy Slim, but that was a while ago, and so the city saw fit to spawn Jake Brett. Free and creative, with echoes of The Darkness, Queen and Muse all rolled into one structured chaos. It’s a harmonic sprawl that catches you by the ear and doesn’t let go. This is a musician that clearly loves what he does, and it bursts from the seams of Jake Brett And The Boleen Modifier, his new EP. Also check out Lo Fidelity, his regular podcast.





Three brand new artists all in 20 minutes. Jake Brett, Local Enemy and Fur Cough. It doesn’t get much more diverse or original than that, and in the gaps where you digest what you’ve heard, Cam will tell you all about Pwned By Gravity’s grand European tour and the return of some old ADS magic.

Local Enemy



Valleys riot Local Enemy have come to our attention. Their style is as hard and clear-cut as the rocks of their homeland. From their new EP Something For The Weekend, Sir? we bring you Revolution, because hearing it feels like your soul is drinking Red Bull. Modern rock at its purest - just another gem in Wales’ reputation for the genre. Certainly enough for the weekend.


Fur Cough - The More You Do It, The More You Do It

Fur Cough


Fur Cough are a band from London. See what they did with the name there? And it continues - The More You Do It, The More You Do It opens with a mellow guitar. It’s soft. Timid even, and placed with glorious sadism before a distorted wall of rock. After working with the legendary Joe Foster (Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine… ) they have hit us with this foursome of new rock from their new EP, E.P. 2. Go and listen!


Heavy Tour


Amsterdam. Paris. Bremen. Copenhagen. Berlin. These are just some of the stops our Swedish troupe are playing on their voyage this month before they return home, wiser and louder and full of new EP. That’s right - a new EP, and it should be out by the end of the year. Make sure to follow their social media and catch their Swedish Radio feature in the meantime.


Return To The Studio

Talisay Nights will return to the studio this year with a great tide of new material. And he’s not the only returning veteran. Although nothing can be made concrete at this stage, we also have heard happy rumours of Will Bugden, our in house composer now free of his Cupboardly duties and set loose on a piano EP. Did I say that out loud?