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Lose You

AJ Hans

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Genuine Panama


These guys have a lot going on - indie rock, brass, more than a touch of funk. The whole thing is blended so smoothly with those mellow vocals it’s like sipping a caramel latte. It’s worth checking out their music video from the summer. It’s more than a little quirky. In the meantime, keep an eye on their socials and they’ve got new releases and big news in the new year.

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Funk is the watchword with bouncy tracks from Genuine Panama and Muttnik, held apart by Ewan J Phillip’s emotional new song Bad Dreams. Apart from the trio of new tracks there’s a whole load of news and updates, along with extra music recommendations and musings, hopefully enough to keep you all amused into winter.

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Ewan J Phillips


Ewan returns to the podcast with his sparkly new 1st-November-released Bad Dreams. Together with his recent Master Plan, Bad Dreams strikes a more reflective, vulnerable tone compared to Blacksun that we aired back in July. The intimate vocals, piano and building synth textures are the perfect media for it. Bad Dreams comes from his new EP, so plenty more to look up and don’t forget, Londoners among you, that you could have a night out to see it live.

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Paleface is a ludicrously funky track. The off-kilter scales and sax riffs might leave you feeling a little, well, pale-faced but the ominous tension is wrapped up in a whole lot of fun - some music you just can’t help but grin to. That fun element crescendos with the track. They’re a London trio who describe themselves as ‘cosmic funk’. I can buy that.

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Feeding Your Ears



We work quite hard to bring out new music and project it to the world. For anyone who can get to London on November 30th, we’re hosting a live music showcase of our signed acts (with guest) at Tottenham Brewing Co, tickets here. If you can’t get there, or even if you can, we’ve got a new playlist up, this time curated by podcast host Cam.

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