Welcome to November! Yes, it’s cold. Yes, it’s dark. But the music is as lively as ever! As ADSRecords gears towards an explosive Christmas, we’d like to share with you two new artists. If Fick As Fieves don’t melt the frost for you, nothing will! In this calm before the storm, it’s a good time to browse our archives and get up to speed with exceptional new music.


Fick As Fieves

Caffeinated indie rock that drives like there’s a brick under the breaks. Full of flippant Brit charm, we can see why the BBC picked it up and why Spotify have them on their Hot New Bands list. If you like English Weather, you’ll go ape for Insomnia. Not what you’d expect from the benign Suffolk coast, but then Muse were from Teignmouth.





The entire energy spectrum is covered in this show, all the way from Fick As Fieves’ frenetic rampage to the serene drift of Talitha Rise. Add to that a warm round of acoustic pop from Echo Of The Bear and you’ve got all your bases covered! Enjoy your sonic getaway to new music this month - the next one’s going to be big.

Talitha Rise


Talitha Rise (featured here in August) has taken the first step on a new road with this mellow and delicately balanced collaboration with Nick Webb. Riding on Jo Beth's distinctively soft and searching vocal style, Bloodfox shares the misty ether that has always defined Talitha Rise, plus a subtle beat. Stressed? Not any more.


How Goldfish Grow

Plastic Barricades


Echo Of The Bear


Say hello to London-based acoustic pop duo Echo Of The Bear, singing with finesse alongside light drums and strummed guitars. Youthful and clear, it’s like the montage that always introduces the final third of a New York romance. You like romance, don’t you? Then go and listen to Echo Of The Bear.

New From The Block

Most artists are only featured a couple of times on our podcast and newsfeed. It’s always worth the time to engage with the music you love and explore further, as we often don’t have time to return! For example, Blaue Blume, Bottlecap, Souvenir Season, One Line To An Angle and Eldé all have new releases to enjoy.