Among the rich spectrum of autumn colours, we’ve brought you a spectrum of music to enjoy, 'coz sure, that's comparable. The easy going flow of Stephanie Cheape, the ponderous style of Marching Band and the rush of Waiting For June’s energy create stark contrasts, yet bring you satisfaction matched only by stepping on an extra crunchy leaf. Not to mention, we couldn’t resist making a seasonal pun out of playing Fall Too Fast!


Stephanie Cheape


If I asked you to imagine a song about joyriding, I expect you’d hear some sort of hip-hop. Well imagine how our ears tweaked when we heard Illegal - open, breezy and soulful. It’s not what you’d expect, but the effortless vocals and acoustic pop vibe demand a smile and a nod. We think it’s a welcome pick-me-up for those ever-shortening Autumn days.





Introducing three artists to keep an eye on, straddling; rock, acoustic and pop. This is your introduction to Waiting For June, Stephanie Cheape and Marching Band - three very different textures woven together with news and waffle from everyone’s favourite ADSRecords Podcast host, Cam 


Waiting For June



Some music is deeply philosophical, you know the sort: moralising, chasing a sense of reflective social irony... if that’s what you’re after, you’re out of luck. Fall Too Fast is plain damn fun. Anthemic and energetic, it fills you with life - in fact, it’s a little like being fed youthful energy with a pipe and realising you quite like it!


Waiting For June - I Want You Back


Marching Band


Hypnotic and unplugged - that’s what I notice first about Marching Band’s newest single Creator (And I Notice), from their fourth studio album, Heart Jewel. With a sense of lyrical irony it marches (well what else could it do?) alongside a hooky acoustic riff, until the music is left echoing through your skull long after the track has finished. Just returned from their far-eastern tour, follow their meteoric rise while you still can!