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Rebekah Fitch

Loose Ends

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The Replies

The Replies bring us the sort of indie rock that is effortless to listen to. Smooth, self-assured, understated... what’s more, Paperweights is their debut single! Coming out of Hertfordshire, they’re currently concocting their next works and preparing to take advantage of the live music renaissance.

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It’s time for a couple of reunions! We hear the latest from spacious pop artist and producer Fidan Aliva alongside Doncaster pop powerhouse James Banks, both with new singles. Into this combo we introduce the very new band, The Replies, with their debut single Paperweights.

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James Banks

First sighted in Doncaster on our Advent Calentour, James Banks has come back with Get To This. There’s a certain energy and pulse we’ve come to expect from James, alongside the signature saxophone sound of his voice, and that’s exactly what we’ve been given. He’s taking a step away from the limelight to work on his next releases.

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Fidan Aliva

This is the third time that the very international Fidan has pulled up at the show’s shores over the years, this time with her latest release Panacea. Fidan’s style is all about being expressive and enveloping. Panacea continues to develop the sound that has gathered her an audience across borders.

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