Now that the May sun is here, I know some of you will be straight into your summer EDM. That’s fine, but maybe we could point out something better - TEDM (thank you, Transylvania!) If Indie is more your thing, we’ve got new music and a lot of news from Swedish masterclass Pwned By Gravity, or for something different, try In Obsidian. Orchestral? We’re releasing a new feature score. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered




If you’ve been with us for a while, mentioning ‘Transylvania’ will probably be enough. The Balkan folk-electronic-dance phenomenon have turned it up again with their new album Mr. Vlad. WTF is a pretty perfect introduction, blasting out their signature blend of folk charm, heavy beats and unreserved humour.





For the eclectic listener, a healthy balance of electronic and indie music features this month. Transylvania (the official curators of Damn Fun) face off instrumental groove-digger In Obsidian. The two are pacifyingly separated by Pwned By Gravity’s reassuringly indie vibe. All in a month’s work for our host.


Pwned By Gravity



If you aren’t charmed and chilled by Memory Lane, you haven’t got a soul. The indie-pop band have gone heritage for this one, conjuring the magic of British eras gone by. It’s a nice counterpoint to the edgy passion of their lead, All My Might, and provides the perfect balance to the EP overall. It’s also the focus of a music video. Music video? Yes - watch this space!



Damn Fun


In Obsidian


Washed Out conveys a minimalist electronica atmosphere, but unlike the sometimes bleak and empty ‘scapes of strict, traditional minimalism, we find here feeling, a rhythm, a groove. Put it this way - if Mr. Jackson had been born thirty years later, the backing track to Thriller might have sounded very much like this. It has everything it needs to be swanky and cool, and not a drop more.

New Release Out The Wood


The release of the official soundtrack to Tom Tremayne’s indie horror short DarkWood is, at the time of writing, days away. Be sure to keep an eye on our social and Soundcloud. The atmospheric score, a collaborative effort from composers William Bugden and Alex Dale-Staples, precludes the imminent film release.

Words With Pwned


So what’s all this fuss about Pwned by Gravity? Well, other than playing the best damn indie-pop internationally, releasing their local chart-topper All My Might and later their EP Time And Time Again, they have also been interviewed by ADSRecords Podcast host Cam. If that tweaks your interest, read it here.