May’s all about movement. Two new artists grace the space, bringing with them new sounds and textures. Mama Sonic rampage through Scandinavia and set their sights on the continent. For the artists out there, Cam shares his experiences as a music scout before joining the Partnership to discuss the label’s long-term future.




Bottlecap play a well-loved style of old-school rock. Their live performances are famously chaotic, and their music is just as unchained. They describe themselves as “juicy in-your-face rock with a touch of ADHD”. After listening to I Don’t Like You Anymore, I couldn’t agree more. The full EP You Know I’m Walking On Ice comes out on the 18th. Go to their website for details. Thanks again, Sweden!





Three very different songs adorn May’s music mayhem. From old-school rock, through British electro-pop to Swedish indie, Bottlecap, ALSKR and Pwned By Gravity should leave you properly fulfilled. Alex brings us a taste of Mama Sonic’s recent Scandinavian tour, and Cam binds it together with news and insights from all things new-music.




ALSKR (pronounced: Al-Skir) produce a massively uplifting sound with cathedral-like electronic textures and passionate vocals. While they put a final coat of polish on their album, their next single City Lights will be out this month. In the meantime, enjoy their first single, Puzzles. Doctors should prescribe this stuff.



The Debut Video Treatment

Pwned By Gravity


Pwned By Gravity are back with It’s Got A Hold Of Me. The hypnotic and spacious guitar refrains play tennis with a restless bass, as laid back vocals deliver their signature indie sound. But the group are already moving on - their extremely maritime new single Shipshape And Bristol Fashion has just been released. We have a feeling these guys are just getting warmed up - watch this space.

The Chovas Plonkation


The Chovas Roadtrip rages across the Danish border in a five-gig raid that finishes back in Stockholm in the legendary Baba Sonic outfit at the Sodra Teatern. The four have enjoyed a range of set-ups, including an acoustic session which, naturally, they turned into a rip-up. They have been busy spreading joy and converting unfortunates who hadn’t yet heard of Plonk. Now their eyes now turn to the continent, which will discover them in August.


Words From A Scout



Cam Snell’s newest article is here. As podcast host, Cam has spent the last three years busily trawling under the radar for brave new music. Having described music scouting as one of the greatest joys of his life, he has pieced together his experiences on paper. Getting The Pitch Perfect offers a short guide to artists who want to be something more.

ADSRecords Partnership

Toast And Tactics



The 2nd of May marks a major Partnership meeting for ADSRecords. Somewhere between the drinks and music celebrations, the talks of goals and technicalities, the trio will discuss major changes in the industry, long-term strategy and further refine how our label and its mission fit into this rapidly changing landscape.