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Lie Yourself Cool

Cut Throat Francis

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Spencer Flay

Chart-worthy. That would be our adjective of choice for Unbreakable; it’s modern, sleek, lyrical and empowering. Uniquely, Spencer Flay makes use of a crane cab as his songwriting studio, hence the title of his first EP, 30 Metres Above Sea Level. Catch sight of him around his native Bristol, or watch this space for future releases.

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It’s an energetic trio of tracks for March’s show - Spencer Flay’s pop mix, Punt Guns and their dark electronic rock and Crying Roses’ classic rock pulse. Cam’s here as always to be tour guide, fill in details and have an explore around the music scene by chatting vinyls.

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Punt Guns



They used to be two solo acts, Samura1 and Karisma, on the electronica stage before their team-up. Duo Punt Guns deliver a range of dark textures across their young and intoxicating discography. On this month’s show we’re holding up the Rammstein-esque Cyber Dreams, a bleak and swaggering electro-rock song. There’s an album and a European tour coming this year, so check them out!

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Crying Roses


Do you like a guitar riff, a seductive hook, a bit of rough passion? Mix it all with the underground music scene and you’ve got yourself Hold On by Crying Roses! Based in London and only a year old, they’ve already blasted out six singles and our betting is there’ll be bigger and better things to follow.

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