It's not every day Pwned By Gravity release their lead single. More precisely, it's only on Friday the 17th. And then there's the full EP and the international tour, not to mention Mama Sonic returning with a new single... Clearly, there’s a lot going on. Settle down, take a deep breath, and we’ll guide you through it.

Pwned By Gravity


Pwned By Gravity’s lead single is a passionate call to listeners, smothered with that earthy indie vibe we love so much. All My Might is set for official release on the 17th of this month - a prelude to the release of their full EP next month entitled Time And Time Again, which we reckon is named after our PBG listening habits.





Cam serves up a Scandinavian feast, introducing newcomer Julia Lovholm alongside rising stars Pwned By Gravity and the sheer cult that is Mama Sonic. News, plans and a healthy dose of Cam’s inane waffle create a quarter-hour show that will ease any traffic jam or tube commute. And then you’ll be up to date too, which is the main thing.


Mama Sonic



Our old friends Mama Sonic have been busily strummin’ and drummin’ over the last few months, and so comes the release of their newest single Loranga. For avid fans of their debut classic Plonk, the new track will remind you of why you fell in love with them in the first place: energetic indie from the most colourful artist on the scene. Their recent interview with Drefvet is pretty great, too.


Waiting For June



Julia Lövholm


Julia shares the prodigal songwriting flair of her professional partner Valle. Her recent single Mom crafts warm and sensitive tones. It’s a texture she’s managed to weave to such effect with the bare minimum of instruments. Better still, if you enjoy this one, you should go hear her brand new single: With Me.

Heavy Plans


The new single is only the start of the road. Next month of course gives you access to the full EP Time And Time Again, but after that watch out for a host of features, a music video, launch gigs and an international tour centering on Denmark. A lot to keep an eye on! Don’t worry, we’ll bring it to you as it happens.