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Just Drive

Wales’ history of rock needs no introduction. Just Drive place themselves firmly in that lineage with their mood-improving Charmer. If you enjoy those three minutes of sonic nitrous oxide, produced by legend Nick Brine, they’re easy to catch at one of their upcoming Cardiff gigs.

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If you could do with shutting the world out and getting down with some music and chat, Cam weaves his way around electro-pop, RnB and rock with some breaking developments in the industry. Get the latest on The High Points and wave your first hellos to Alice Page, Just Drive and a return from Freya Alley.

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Freya Alley

Freya’s Back Hole video caught our attention in December, so naturally when Party On My Own dropped on Valentine’s we were inclined to give it a whirl. Parallels galore with the American electro-pop scene (Vio, anyone?) and oddly apt for the experience of many on that romantic day. She’s playing in London soon - check her out on .

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We Request An Invasion

ADSRecords are on the hunt again. We need new original artists! There’s a whole raft of things that could determine which act we want to work with which could take a page on it’s own. The bottom line is that we need you to submit your music - send it in trucks to . Thanks to everyone who has applied so far, as for the rest of you, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Alice Page

Our latest find of young talent comes in the form of 15 year old singer Alice Page, semi-finalist veteran of The Voice Kids 2018. Don’t Blame Me sets the scene pretty quickly with its RnB vibes before getting on with what it’s really about - showcasing a mature and precise voice. There’s another single in the works, so we’ll see where it goes from here..

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