March is always a time of change. Here that means new film scores springing up, Mama Sonic reaching out after their spectacular launch, and a shift in the podcast from electronic to indie. Plans are also being drawn up to reach deeper into the industry, so you can expect more of what matters over the coming months. The gears of activity are thawing, but we take a moment to remember Viola Beach before we speed into the future.

Pwned By Gravity


From the small town of Nykoping in Sweden, Pwned By Gravity are playing Brit-indie inspired songs in any space they can make a noise - bars, clubs, shopping malls, churches, public squares - filling them with carefree guitars and vocals. It sounds to us like good, honest indie-pop. In their own words, the lyrics “use their finest colours to paint a light picture of not so often dramatic life on the frigid eastern coast of Sweden”. Their feet may be firmly on the ground, but they also have their heads in something bigger - embarking on their first international tour in the autumn following imminent new releases. Introduce yourself with their first track on the network, Answers Foretold.





Dedicated to the memory of Viola Beach. The show is shifting as we leave our electronic season behind and head into new areas. Jorgalad sees us off beautifully with Danaë, and we welcome Pwned By Gravity onto the scene with their Brit-indie inspired Swedish sound. Developments in the industry are explored, and we sign off by remembering a landmark event in our new music network - the launch of Independent Of Time.



Jorgalad has shaken up our electronic scene with his experimental edge. Danaë reveals his most melodic sound, the synthetic textures and jagged rhythms being supported by compelling chord sequences and creative structure. Taken from his second and most recent EP, Animator’s Front, it completes our recent tour of his spectrum and is the perfect way to round off our electronic season in general. His work is available on a pay-as-you-will basis from his website and bandcamp. If you want to watch the boundaries of electronic music evolve, you want to watch this artist.



- Brothers from Balkanya


Alex Dale-Staples


Every so often, it’s good to remind ourselves of the incredible tracks we stumble across on our voyage through the unknown. Released and aired in 2014, Independent Of Time is one of those EPs that pushes music in new directions. Ethereal, original and unrestricted, it stands as a welcome antidote to chart bombardment. Celebrate new music past and present with its final track, Capsized, offering probably its most emotive and instantly accessible sound.

The Plonk Thickens


Swedish Plonkers Mama Sonic have always picked up awestruck fans with their intoxicating songs and performances. They’re now working to give us even more, pampering fans with their first music video and personalised merchandise, which hit sale during their sensational launch party on the 19th February. They have little time to celebrate their acclaimed debut EP, though, before they must look to the skies and their long-awaited international tour. And now it seems there is a second deep European festival tour taking shape for late summer. If these guys ever rest, we’ll let you know.


Viola Beach


The news is widespread about Viola Beach, the four-piece indie band who died with their manager in a car accident in Sweden. If you’re not up to speed, you can read about it here. As players in the new music industry and with strong ties to Sweden, it strikes us uncomfortably close to home. Take a moment to view their Spotify, proceeds of which are now going to their families as their fans rally behind them. This month’s podcast is dedicated to their memory.