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Video Of The Month

I'd Rather Fall

Maddie Ashman

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leo. It's here!

As it has become apparent to many of us now, leo. is a master of form and structure, and he isn’t about to let us down now. The timing of green is delicious, as are the muted ukuleles and sense of narrative progression. It heralds great things to come from the Leeds-based artist but even as a standalone, it’s a powerful pick-me-up and piece of craftsmanship.

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Podcast: green Shoots

Release season hits the ground in majestic form with leo.’s new single green, flanked by York’s dance remix of Ladybyrd’s Every Second and the mellow electronic textures of Tonia’s Afloat. Cam goes into happenings within the industry, including recent copyright kerfuffles and the rise of the minifestival.

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Mellow yet crisp, heartfelt yet understated. Tonia’s single Afloat, from the EP of the same name, is a pretty good introduction to this artist’s work. If her voice improves your cortisol levels like it does ours, you might want to know that she runs a radio segment every other Tuesday morning over on Melodic Distraction.

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Ladybyrd Every Second.png

Ladybyrd - and York

Ladybird has veered away from her previously softer style, collaborating with the seismically big York to bring us a compelling piece of modern dance music, complete with synth riffs, emotive vocals and a healthy, reverb-fuelled euphoria. She is working on her EP which promises to be of similar style. She’s in London, too, for you capital-dwellers.

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