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Keep It Cool

Ocean Flaws

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Raw textures and shout-studded, heart-on-sleeve vocals hide sophistication: that could be a description of the punk genre as a whole, not just FUBAR’s single I Surrender. A dash of modern wisdom and a recent indie twinge gives it its own standout flavour, and along with their all-you-can-manage live performance they’ve squarely landed on our radar. See if you can catch them as they flit around Bristol and Somerset on the gig trail.

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Podcast: Beats & Bedrooms

We’ve pushed the horizons this month, not only spanning genres from punk to pop, but inviting beatboxing into the fold. Enjoy Maddie Ashman’s new single 6AM before diving into FUBAR’s I Surrender and delving deep with MADZ and his original debut Unite The Underground. Things are otherwise brewing around the label, Cam sifts the updates for you.

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Maddie Ashman

A gifted artist can make the mundane seem extraordinary, whether they work in art, writing or photography. Maddie Ashman’s latest single, 6AM, is about lying in bed of a morning. It’s also a psychological journey, a reflection on modern ennui and an aromatic blend of soft musical textures. It’s 3 minutes of our life well spent, keep tabs on this one.

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MADZ soldiers on through his mission to legitimise beatboxing within the music industry. Having already achieved the Guinness world record for longest beatboxing session (27-and-a-half hours!), he’s released his first original work, Unite The Underground. Expect a range of timbres, rhythms and beats from the most enduring mouth muscles in the known world. He's also organising this year's Manchester Beatbox Battles.

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George Awakens

George Croucher is ramping it up over the summer with a long list of live events, from festivals (Stonehenge Summer Solstice Festival, Rock In The Priory) to gigs (Poole, Stroud, Cheltenham, Bristol… ). All on his website, of course, a good way to spend summer. It’s only the start though as he’s laying down a lot of work in the studio. Recording what? We’ll let you know. Won’t be long now.

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