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Video Of The Month

Ewan J Phillips

Sacred (acoustic)

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Tea Henny

Funky, easy-going, groovy. It’s Tea Henny’s new single Hey Cutie <3. Tea Henny has been heavily involved in the music scene for some time, founding the Bourne Bap rap collective and the alt-rock project Staring At The Ceiling before working on his solo releases. The final stages of the next of those releases is underway, so do keep an eye.

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June’s show is very much an eclectic one, spanning funk, RnB and instrumental rock. Tea Henny and Aya Anne lend us their new singles Hey Cutie <3 and Better respectively, while we have Triangle Space join us from across the pond with Alive, a sampling of their new EP Victoria. News of a new playlist and other things besides from Cam.

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Music of the Moment

Alex has curated the newest edition of the Music Of The Moment playlist, this time inspired by Bournemouth artist George Croucher. A buffet of new music from the big to the very small, it’s probably the easiest way to explore what’s new in music right now. Also a good way to show off your niche tastes!

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Triangle Space

It’s not often we have instrumental rock trios come through our door. From Chicago, their singles are far more than some sort of backing tape. The interplay between instruments, the contrasts and textures are fascinating and hard-hitting. Alive is no exception, from their latest EP Victoria, the second in a trio of EPs which will conclude soon with Beyond The Clouds.

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Aya Anne

Aya Anne’s Better immediately puts you into this floaty, uncertain place with its pulsing phase and perturbing chord sequence. Into this trippy space we are thrown a life buoy in the shape of Aya’s perfectly controlled RnB voice. Featuring rap artist King Marino, it’s from her EP Reflections coming on 11th this month.

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