Welcome Stephanie Cheape - the newly signed folk/pop maestro from Glasgow! Big news for the label and your ears. Speaking of which, we’ve got three un-afore-mentioned artists to fire your imagination, more than enough to get you exploring new things again. We’re all about the red pill at ADSRecords.


We've Signed Stephanie!


And we're very smug about it too. It’s a bit of an open secret that we’ve been working with the folk/pop singer-songwriter for some time, but now it’s official. We’re excited, obviously, but what does it mean for you? It means a lot of new content will be coming out of the label, and it means that you can watch one of Scotland’s best new exports at festivals around the country very soon.





An eclectic and explorative mix, starting with an essential pick-me-up from Brian Kelly and moving through Danish experimental pop artists Blaue Blume and Navneløs, painting between them a panorama of Scandinavian electronic pop. Music to excite and encourage! Cam fills in the gaps with background and label news.


Blaue Blume



You could call Macabre experimental electronic, but that would mask how reassuringly accessible it is. Experimental pop would be more to the point, even if it is technically a contradiction. It’s ethereal yet warm, modern and exploring. In fact, it sums up a lot about the Scandinavian attitude to music: feeling and creativity. From their upcoming EP. Thanks, Blaue Blume!


Blaue Blume





Tænkt På Ét Sted is an effective mash of genres with alt-rock, electronic and pop elements. Imagine if the pioneers of 90s alt-rock (I’m thinking Radiohead, Placebo) were born again and went next-gen with their synths. And sang in Danish. Tænkt På Ét Sted is from their album Værk, but you have a whole new album to explore - Lava - released not very long ago.

Brian Kelly


Brian Kelly makes the kind of music we all need when life’s getting you down (or when you’re cleaning, same thing really). The kind of well-executed classic rock mood-booster that’s been the bedrock of so much of the music industry. Crazy At The Right Time comes from the EP This Is Me… Yesterday.