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How You Rule Me


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Hydra Lerna

Mixing crisp pop with ambient vibes is always going to get my juices running. Fastening it all together with a voice as smooth and well-formed as Hydra’s is the cream core that makes a Ferrero Rocher worth eating. If you feel similarly peckish now, don’t worry, she has new music and content coming very soon with launch gigs to be announced, assumedly in Norwich where she’s based.

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Synth hooks trade places with orchestral pop as in the face of some technical problems, Cam ploughs through three worthy tracks from Alex Wayt, Hydra Lerna and Talisay Nights. Another window into unheard music along with the next live happenings from Cut Throat Francis and The High Points.

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Alex Wayt

This is driving in the sun music. Free rhythms, a voice like Bruce Springsteen, an irrepressible top line - time to open the windows, folks. If you need more uplifting, Goodbye Girl is just the first track - there’s a whole album just come out and another one due later this year. If you want it dished up live, your best bet might be to head to his native Glasgow, but keep an eye on his socials.

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Talisay Nights

Harry Goulding is perhaps best known for being an avid traveller and the charitable work that he has done in those travels. He is also, as it happens, pretty handy with a piano. And a mic. And songwriting, which is why he came out with the Music Past Midnight collection under the name Talisay Nights, named after the Filipino city he was staying in. Oaky vocals and swaying strings - now released as an EP.

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Festive In The Summer

Hot off their Shorts And Shades tour (thanks to everyone who came to sign the box!), The High Points know no rest with a comprehensive list of festivals around the country to keep them occupied. That’s on top of preparations for new material mind you - if you prefer something folkier, the exceptional Cut Throat Francis are equally busy. Life is live, and all that.

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