The engines finally resting at the end of the Chovas Roadtrip, we check in with our network to bring you music closer to home. The composition house share their exploits as their latest project nears completion, and we form a spectrum by taking you through pop to heavy rock. The partnership has signed itself up for a strong year ahead, and preparations are underway for next month’s Leather Anniversary.




Natasha-Leigh Smith has only recently begun releasing material, but it’s already enough to catch our attention. In this month’s Never Fall In Love, her rich vocal tone and impeccable sense of rhythm weave into something that just gets into your bloodstream. Not to mention the dash of up-to-date electronics to lift it away from its influences. The music video is pretty cool, too.





It’s all about touching base this month with three tracks from the UK. Natasha-Leigh shares her new pop from Manchester, Swift Arvel return from our ancestral home in South Wales with their Math Rock, and our composition house brings you something orchestral from the upcoming horror short, Cupboard.

Swift Arvel



Swift Arvel continue to plough a trail through the network with their ballsy math rock. Vex’d might come across as a little more regular and commercial than April’s track Splintercat, but look more closely - you won’t find a 4/4 or a 3/4 in sight. Pounding and irrepressible, rock fans looking for something different can find it here.


Virhe's video. It's strangely mesmerizing.



All things being equal, Tom’s horror short stands at about a month from completion. We’re proud of the role we’ve played in scoring the film, and we share with you a taster of that work in this month’s show. We’ve gone for a majestic and enveloping sense of intrigue, in keeping with the aura of Tom’s creation. Watch this space for the full release.

The Chovas Completes


The epic Chovas Roadtrip reached its conclusion with their final gig at Gothenburg Studios (it’s in Gothenburg). Taking in Malmo, Lund, Copenhagen, Stockholm and now Gothenburg, they’ve torn up stages, amazed converts and brewed up a flurry of critical acclaim. Their next adventures promise to be another evolution, with new content and artist collaborations being formed.


Keep The Love



If you enjoy the music we share, it’s worth checking in on your favourite artists, many of whom have released whole albums since we last crossed paths. Follow The Sea spring to mind. Even since last month, two of our featured artists, ALSKR and Bottlecap, have both had new releases - ALSKR releasing City Lights, and Bottlecap giving their EP You Know I’m Walking On Ice.