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Video Of The Month

Kasia Ignatowicz

Señor Protector

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I Want Your Money Back - Artwork.jpg

Cut Throat Francis

Their well-loved and distinctive twist opens their new single: shady keys and folky brass dance together. The vocals build in tension. But then Cut Throat Francis give us an uplifting, energising chorus that we haven’t heard from them before (they use major keys now!), wrapping up the tones of warning that have become their signature lyricism. What’s more, there’s an EP on the horizon. Huzzah!

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Podcast: I Want Your Decade Back

Marking an incredible ten years of growth, we get to bring you a new single from our longest standing artist, Cut Throat Francis. Flanking I Want Your Money Back is the enthusiastic Westwood Sands by Roguey Roads and the slick and confident Lips Go Dry by Domi Contre, alongside a feast of industry and label updates.

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Domi Contre

Her new single is smooth, seductive and catchy. Lips Go Dry paints a well-polished picture typical of the London scene. But much like her city Domi Contre has international roots, with her upcoming EP featuring both French and English songs, created in collaboration with Adrianos Pandis and Adam Hoos.

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Roguey Roads

Roguey Roads bring us a sound nearly lost, brimming with the lust of life. Formed around the core of brothers Rhys and Gus Warriner, Roguey Roads emanate from the southwest, just as many of our most remembered artists have come to our doors. Among the polyrhythmic guitar-chugging and drums, the singer keeps asking us: do we dig it? Yes, we do.

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