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Video Of The Month

George Croucher

All I Need Is You

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Bryce Bowyn

Bouncy, flirty, well-polished… is it the volleyball team? No! It’s Ruthless by American artist Bryce Bowyn. Based in Washington DC, the way he knits together hooks, lyrics and riffs is very, very effective. The music video is already out, and keep an eye on the local pride scene where you can often catch him performing. New single coming this month.

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Three songs come to us this month connected by their use of synth. Lou Heights’ rock-rap track Dodo is sandwiched precariously between US artist Bryce Bowyn and his sharp-toothed pop single Ruthless and Manchester musicians Chrysalid Homo and their 80s, pseudo-Germanic counter-culture creation I Steal Cars.

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Lou Heights

At first a seductive meander of blurred thoughts, Dodo starts to reveal itself as an original cocktail of styles, from early 00s nu-wave to early 10s hip-hop to buried synth textures. Hailing from Bournemouth, he has played as a part of the Bourne Bap rap collective, founded by last month’s Tea Henny.

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Chrysalid Homo

Manchester powerhouse Chrysalid Homo return with their weirdly appropriate blend of 80s synth, German disco sensibilities and a spicy dose of counterculture. Say hello to I Steal Cars, fully all of the above, inspired by hits like The Running Man and The Warrior. Chrysalid Homo are a productive bunch - keep a watch for what’s next.

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