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Mama Sonic

Helen Of Troy

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Alichè’s dynamics roll in and out in silky waves. Her Lockdown Love is a powerful display of her smooth and confident vocal style, complemented with delicate finesse by her brass section and drums. Along with the rest of her mini EP Lockdown Sessions, the London artist recorded it, unsurprisingly, during lockdown and is themed around reflection and adaptation.

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A panorama of genres this July with Andrew Brien’s electronic pop, Aliche’s R&B and Sam Gifford’s rock, bringing in artists from London to Glasgow. Catch the news on the artist front among Cam’s usual info and general frolics. The podcast is now also available on Spotify.

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Andrew Brien

Imagine hooks dancing in the black of space. That’s because Make It Back Somehow is hooky and spacious (Shakespearean I know), an EDM inspired dark-pop single from Glasgow producer come artist/songwriter Andrew Brien. There’s video content coming, in particular a breakdown of the production and mixdown process - keep an eye on his socials to avoid missing it.

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Sam Gifford

Sam’s voice skateboards over his backing with style and devotion. Mixing swaggering guitar lines with a highly attuned sense of rhythmic timing, Leave With Nothing is a solid rock number. One of two singles from his upcoming EP Man Made, due out on 6th July. Based in Hertfordshire, which makes him a stone’s throw from London when the crowds come back.

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Sign a Spence

Earlier this month we signed our newest artist, Bristol ukulele-wielding singer-songwriter Spencer Flay. Our partnership with him is hardly a secret at this point, but the Day of Signing is always an exciting event for us here at the label. Hurrah!

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