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Caothan feat. Dairina Nash

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Cut the ribbon!

We’ve been working with Cut Throat Francis a lot over the last few months - seeing each other, keeping it casual. We’ve reached that stage now though when we’re ready to make it official, so we’re pleased to announce that we’re in a relationship! A working relationship that is… Expect plenty of good things from these very excellent Baltic folk/swing masters.

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There’s a streak of spaciousness connecting July’s featured tracks. Kerry Leva’s thoughtful pop You Don’t See, Ewan J Phillips’ moody and dramatic Blacksun and Phillip Stonage’s evocative voyage through Remembering Shapes should leave you feeling nice and expansive! Also catch the big news for the label.

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Ewan J Phillips

Ewan’s moody and spacious Blacksun rises out of the mist like a very trendy vampire. The emotive intonations, dramatic timings and dynamics land like a treat, and there’s plenty more - check out I Wish I Was The Moon that came just before it. He aims to “combine [his] Celtic folk heritage, epic gothic choirs and swelling orchestras”. Keep an eye for live happenings.

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Kerry Leva

We love a song that sets off as it means to continue. The opening bars of You Don't See are melancholic but not lethargic, enthused with broad electronic strokes and Kerry’s rich and clear voice. The rest of the song doesn’t disappoint, with its thoughtful lyrics and understated but captivating hooks. She’s currently penning her next EP, for now there’s a wealth of music on her Spotify.

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Phillip Stonage

French ambient composer Phillip Stonage has crafted an enveloping foray into sounds and textures. Remembering Shapes is nothing if not evocative. It’s impossible to listen to it without scenery popping into your mind. His love of 80s sci-fi makes an impression, and fans of Vangelis will find something to enjoy. Imaginative and strangely therapeutic, from his coming album 2261.

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Please Sir, can I have some more?

If you want more new music, check out our seasonal Music of the Moment Playlist. Each time, curated by a different member of our team, this summer playlist was pulled together by Paul.

To be enjoyed in the sunshine... or otherwise. 

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