Our fourth birthday is another excuse to broaden our horizons and meet some new musicians! Spanning two continents and three genres, let our music this month take you somewhere new. We’ve also got waves of events and new merch coming, so you can wear your support of new artists or decorate your wall with their faces.


Talitha Rise


The Lake is spot-on with its handling of ambience. It’s clear that the creativity flowed freely between songwriting and production; the result is a song that envelops but doesn’t lose its structure. You can almost hear the mists of the lake between the layers. It’s the most recent release from art-pop artist Talitha Rise, as part of their upcoming album Tides Of Gravity.





An unusual mix of styles and nationalities this July - enjoy pop, ambient and gospel styles from the UK, Ireland and Cameroon. Whether you're being healed by Luke Mbang, enveloped by Talitha Rise or just plain charmed by Lisa Kowalski, Cam is never far away with his insightful facts and poor humour.


Luke Mbang



Luke’s warm Gospel sound held our attention like a hot cup of cocoa. Not only is it our first foray into the genre, it’s also our first feature from the African continent. A Love Like You is from his album Intimacy, which has been gracing the airwaves of Younde and Douala in his native Cameroon. Look forward to a music video and a whole new album over the next year.


Talitha Rise

Invisible Fishing


Lisa Kowalski



You can try to be in a bad mood when you hear Free Spirits. You can try to cling to your grouch like a drunk to a bottle, but a couple of bars into the song and you'll know it's futile. It’s the second of four tracks on the EP of the same name - full of charisma and vitality, it’s a blazing start for the young singer-songwriter.

Not Quite Five


We’ve kept it quiet this year, but our beloved network is four years old this month. It’s been another tectonic annum with two new artists signing up, the completion of our score for Darkwood and the launch of our store. Not to mention twelve months of exposure to groundbreaking music across all genres. Thank you for your support, and here’s to an even bigger year to come!