The future and the past of ADSRecords meet this month. Global content from old friends and new connections comes in, which we think is very apt given that it’s our third birthday. All the while, the music industry and the UK as a whole marches into an uncertain future. If you’re not sure what it all means, just be sure to listen to something a little different and share the love.


Jacob Speake


Our new introduction from Copenhagen, Jacob Speake, has given rise to a full album, Listen To Jacob Speake (oh yes, he did), and he will soon release another. From the first, check out Not Today. The concrete Brit-punk influence swaggers it’s way through the track like a merry English football fan stumbling across something profound. And who doesn’t love music that doesn’t take life too seriously? Isn’t that what life’s all about?





What better way to celebrate the label’s anniversary than to welcome back old friends alongside exploding newcomers? For this, you can hear Vio’s Foreshadow from upcoming EP Black Violet, Jacob Speake’s laid-back Not Today and the exhilarating sound of Bottlecap’s Go Home. We also manage to sneak in a clip of founder Alex Dale-Staple’s annual interview.




Bottlecap have one of the strongest identities I’ve ever smacked into. Each of the tracks on their very-new EP You Know I’m Walking On Ice is unique, and yet so pungently Bottlecap. Go Home has all their usual good stuff - energy, a sense of fun, attitude - but turns up the intensity and the taurine. This is where the term ‘explosm’ would come in.


Virhe's video. It's strangely mesmerizing.



We’ve been following our artsy Californian friend since her first appearance with us in early ‘14. Since those experimental days, her musical genre has coalesced into something pointedly Vio, a niche of traditional electro-pop echoing everything from Tiffany to The Birthday Massacre. She is preparing for her upcoming EP Black Violet, from which we take aptly-named frontrunner Foreshadow.

Three Years Old


As is traditional on the label’s birthday, ADSRecords founder Alex Dale-Staples joins podcast host Cam for a chit-chat. They look over our third year in operation and try to peer into the future, before getting very distracted by the follies of the music industry and the oddities of British musical exporting. You can catch an excerpt on the podcast, but for the full deal, check the extended interview on Soundcloud.


Pwned By Pwned

It wasn’t long ago that we first brought Swedish group Pwned By Gravity to your attention. Already they have developed a close relationship with us, wielding a formidable work ethic and musical signature. The team will be meeting them soon in their hometown of Nyköping to further offer our support. Rumour has it (and don’t even think about that track) that things could even get formal in the coming months.