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Two Weeks

Tom Sail

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Fick As Fieves

It feels good to welcome back 2017 Top Three-ers Fick As Fieves. And although they clung on to their addictive rock character, you can feel the evolution when you listen to their new track Saturday. There’s more complexity, more textural variety, and it’s a herald of a big 2019. In the meantime, there’s been loads of new music and videos to catch up with.

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Blended yesterdays and tomorrows for the new year show, with a reappearance from Fick As Fieves, an introduction to R&B/Soul duo Lynda and a vintage Mama Sonic track from the ADSRecords vaults. A nicely varied mix to get the wheels turning again after the flashbang of Christmas.

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We’ve gone for a more classic electro-R&B/Soul vibe with this one - welcome to the show Lynda, moniker of a SE London duo who released One Night not very long ago. Its drifting bass progressions and reverberant vocal hooks build a spacious landscape, a moody scene that’s very easy to get lost in. They’re currently in the studio ready to churn out plenty of new material in the coming months.

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So That Was 2018


Thank you for coming with us the year just gone, it’s been pretty big with four tours, three of which were international, and two new artists signing up. And if you haven’t been with us, nice to see you! You can listen to the main events on our public playlists. 2019 will see the usual big deals - releases, tours, and at least one new artist - so send in your demos!

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Mama Sonic


Take a trip down memory lane with legendary track Play That Song Again. Originally written by Jacob Hallerström, darling of the Stockholm indie scene, it was then covered by Jacob’s later project Mama Sonic released through ADSRecords in Janaury 2016. Which means it’s now the song’s three year anniversary and that makes it the perfect excuse to give it a play, or to browse the tees and picks.

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