Happy new year! We’re pumped up and ready with a triade of new artists, releases, music and features waiting for their moments. For starters, January will see the release of Mama Sonic’s debut EP Plonk and the launch party in Stockholm, the introduction of Balkan musicians Transylvania and the shifting of our weight towards completing the score to Tom Tremayne’s horror short, Cupboard. Welcome to 2016.




Transylvania have fused together electronic dance music and Balkan folk music. The result is a contagious blend that has the danceable force of Caravan Palace with all the charm of a folk jig. They are gaining traction in their Transylvanian home and are slowly spreading their sound across Europe. Music with a sense of humour: it is, in their own words, 'damn fun'.





We bridge the new year with a fusion of new and old. American artists Brooklyn Ghosts return with their new album Famous Ghost Writers, Transylvania burst onto the show with their larger-than-life TEDM, and we bring you an exclusive preview of Mama Sonic's debut EP. And naturally, Cam fills us in on what the year will hold for the network.

Mama Sonic & Plonk


In January we give you a sneaky listen to Hornstreet Strut from their upcoming EP, Plonk. It’s a track all about compelling rhythm and bass, with relentless pace and charisma. It stands as the third track of their five track debut, due to be released this month, and along with their signature single Grapefruit brandishes their range and irresistible identity.


Saying Goodbye to 2015


Brooklyn Ghosts


After a two year hiatus from the ADSRecords sphere, these American songwriters return with Love Pains. They have just released their latest album, Famous Ghost Writers, in which each song is composed from little-known writings of famous people. Love Pains itself is taken from an acrostic poem by a young George Washington, treated with Brooklyn Ghost’s unmistakable signature.

New Year, New Start!



2015 is over. It was a momentous year for ADSRecords, with a new signing and a whole new website topping the bill. 2016 is all about the music. We’ve got a collection of singles and EPs lining up for release, plenty to keep our ears entertained. But it doesn’t stop there - our composing house is working like a Victorian foundry and our search for new, underheard music expands ever outwards. Bring it on!


Mama Sonic Scandinavian Tour


After their EP release and launch party in Stockholm this January, Mama Sonic will dive deep into preparations for their tour. It will span Scandinavia, beginning in their home city of Stockholm and visiting Malmo, Gothenburg, Oslo and Copenhagen, among others. It will be a voyage of epic proportions, crossing borders to bring plonk to ears it has not yet touched. A noble cause.