It feels like spring come early here at ADSRecords. For a start, two new London artists have come our way with music we couldn’t help but play for you. And then after that, our signed champions Pwned By Gravity declare their new single. And then after after that, our new online store stands nearly ready to serve up shiny things.


July Jones


Running exemplifies pop in the modern age: confident synth waves that are supportive but not dominating, a cinematic sprinkling of strings, a sense of euphoric ambience, and all of it setting up the main event - July's irrepressible vocals. Running is her latest single, available for free download, with more coming soon. Between you and me, watch this one.





Modern London is our theme, with introductions to soul-pop artist July Jones and dark electro-pop duo Living Dead Girl. It also gives Cam an excuse to ramble about the latest trends in music, celebrate the anniversary of Mama Sonic’s debut and witness the birth of Pwned By Gravity’s new single. Not bad for a wet February.


Mama Sonic



It’s been a year since we launched our first international EP: Plonk by Mama Sonic. And as if by providence, the band now announce the launch of their next new single Loranga on Feb 10th. Tickle your curiosity with this introductory video. For now, we celebrate the original release with their debut single, Grapefruit.


July Jones

I Don't Belong


Living Dead Girl


Autumn captures its namesake exactly. Jessica's enticing vocals float over tendrils of electronic mood like a siren of myth. But in the tussle between the uplift of the vocals and the darkness of the instruments, her voice seems to win the battle in the final third, lifting the whole track to a place of resolution. Enjoy, as Jessica English duos with Jonno Lloyd.

The Nyköping Spring approaches


At long last, we can announce the date that PBG’s newest child will breathe air. She’s due the 17th March. She'll be called All My Might, and will be the lead single to their upcoming EP. The EP itself, to be named Time and Time Again, will be followed by a promotional tour through Sweden and Denmark.

Merchandise, Sir?


Our online store will be launching very soon indeed! Brandish your love of new music and be the proud owner of a T-shirt, mug or EP! PBG plectrums are a pretty great catch, too. Goodies from PBG, Mama Sonic, Jacob Hallerstrom, Alex Dale-Staples and ADSRecords are all for the taking.