In the wake of Mama Sonic’s debut EP release, things are stirring in preparation for the spring. Their launch party and tour approaches, independant Welsh film Cupboard gathers form dressed in ADSRecords’ signature music, and we take this moment to look inside the label and set down our ethos. While you’re here, enjoy a tour of three very different electronic artists on February’s podcast.



Since Jorgalad’s edgy electronic piece Monotonous Catan caused such a stir in December, we’re excited to welcome in his new EP Animator’s Front with its driftingly ominous third track, Metaphor. It is, in fact, a sampled and mangled version of an early Jorgalad composition - see if you can recognise it here. Jorgalad himself is an extremely busy fellow, recently moving around the world, tutoring and venturing, but still the Spartan worker is writing new material. For the music so far, view the website.





There’s an electric buzz in the air this February with three very different electronic works. Transylvania share with us their fun and humour, Jorgalad endows us with his atmospheric edge, and Souvenir Season strike the balance with their soft and anthemic song. Between this electronic music panorama, get up to date with Mama Sonic and the label’s flowering identity.



Transylvania join us for a second month with their damn fun blend of Balkan folk and electronic dance music. This time around, Guitar gives us a more mysterious vibe than last month, full of Transylvanian charisma and dancey beats. But that’s not to say there’s any less of that signature tongue-in-cheek - this month’s track has humour and personality by the gallon.



- Brothers from Balkanya


Souvenir Season


Souvenir Season are fresh from performing at the Cologne Music Week late last month where they went down a storm. As they plough on with their glittering journey, they drop by to give us Parachute, from their album Into The Black. That album, by the way, is now available on vinyl. The connoisseur need only visit their page for all the information they need.

The Team Looks Within


We have dug deep recently at ADSRecords to set down what it is we’re all about. We have always enjoyed supporting under-the-radar music and bringing it the attention it deserves... but what’s it all for? After many a long discussion, our ethos and core values can be summed up by viewing our statement here. Long live good new music!



Mama Sonic - Plonk and the Future


The long-anticipated EP Plonk is finally here! Head to Spotify, iTunes or many other platforms to treat your ears. There’s no time for the Swedish four-piece to rest though, with the EP launch party lined up for the 17th, a music video out in March and preparations underway for spring’s Scandinavian tour. Head to their website and social media to keep up with the crowd.