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Give A Little Love

Boundless Brothers

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If you were to blend Muse with Quentin Tarantino, what do you think that would sound like? It would sound like Lucille. Their enigmatic Heart Of Rome is catchy and twisting - and refreshingly divorced from four chords! Check out the rest of the EP, also called Heart Of Rome, or keep your senses peeled in London for their live gigs.

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It’s the last monthly of the year with three cool tracks (puns… ) from rock act Just Drive, chilled pop artist Leo Arram-Downs and edgy rock outfit Lucille. Get the latest from around and about with Cam to see you through December. At least until the year’s Top Three tracks come in over Christmas.

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Just Drive


Just Drive have rounded off their year spectacularly with Running. From the opening vocal harmony riff that captures the feeling of running to the mood-lifting chorus, the whole track drips with anticipation and excitement. Add in a few choice lyrics and you’ve got a classic. Their fourth release of 2019, the South Wales band are hugely worth keeping an eye on.

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Leo Aram-Downs


Leo has teamed up with other half Megan Tuck for this profoundly stress curing piece of music. Vocally, Day Break has a lullaby-like quality, set against a quirky picked riff and clever use of sound effects. Some music is just easy to listen to! Having achieved the monumental feat of releasing a new song every Tuesday this year, there are bigger projects planned for 2020.

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Wrapping Up Christmas



Thanks to everyone who came down for our showcase party in Tottenham! Now that we’ve brought our artists together, it’s time to do the same for the year’s podcast tracks. The 2019 Top Three is upon us! Check in on the 21st, 23rd and 25th for the countdown. In the meantime, you can find a longer list of the year’s tracks on our playlist.

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