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Black Hole

Freya Alley

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Cut Throat Francis

You all know that acoustic thud that gets under your skin, be it from the old stateside Western sound or from Mumford And Sons and the new wave of folk. But the new spin with Cut Throat Francis is the eastern European tang, and it makes the whole experience so much more interesting, more exotic. Playing out of Bristol, the next EP is coming in the new year ahead of a tour, so here’s your chance to catch the train.

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Another trio of new artist introductions brings the year’s total to 30 (34 counting video features). The year’s last monthly show takes you through electronic, rock and folk along with the usual updating as we roll on to our Top 3 of 2018, when Cam will have the unenviable task of narrowing that 34 down to just three. See you on the 21st!

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Tour De Funk

They’ve been lavishing their funky voodoo on the midlands, but now it’s time for The High Points' tour to come back south - catch them in Norwich and Soho. They’ll have badges, vintage-technology CDs and their ever popular tees up on the store soon too if you miss them at the shows. It’s a pretty great end to the year, alongside the imminent ADSRecords Top 3 awards and - how could we forget? - here's our label's traditional Christmas anthem.

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Mighty Shabba

To sum up Thrill Of The Chase in a word, it would be effective. The stadium effect of the voice, the growing thickness of the backing, the lyrical sense of fun, it’s all very Mighty Shabba. Taken from Soundtrack To Your Life, which is their second EP this year and will soon be followed by another in the new year. If you like these guys there’ll be tons to keep you engaged, for those of you in the midlands they’ll be at Night And Day Manchester on the 12th.

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The Book Of Changes

Gold is the latest single from duo The Book Of Changes, and also as it happens a perfect introduction to their blend of reverberant female vocals and urban-edged electronics. Maybe more significant is their sense of art, the sense of freedom in playing with textures and with the duality inherent in their setup. The song comes across like classical variations, reworked for the modern ear. Fitting, given that the cutting-edge band are inspired by the ancient I Ching - The Book Of Changes.

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