The year is nearly at an end! In all the excitement for the imminent 2016 Top Three, don’t forget to buy your other half a Christmas present. Other than that, enjoy a festive wind-up to the year’s end, with new music and big things on the horizon for the new year. As far as this year’s concerned, it’s time to bring things to a head - we love a good climax.

Jake Brett


Jake shows us his creative spirit at its freest. From the echoes of philosophy, Waveform explodes into a roman candle of riffs, hooks and tight-crotched vocals. Placed alongside our previous feature Pulse, it shows how his album Jake Brett And The Boleen Modifier walks that line between identity and diversity with finesse. For those who like their music free, Waveform is as restrained as a two-year-old adjacent a bar of chocolate.





Jump into the festive spirit, Cam style! Alongside our traditional Festivities Begin, we share three diverse rock tracks from Jake Brett, Fur Cough and Local Enemy. Along with some essential news, we wind up the year in anticipation of our top three and a clear surf into the new year. Merry Christmas!


Local Enemy



If Local Enemy had been around ten years ago, we’d have called them pop-punk. Given the way that the genre’s gone, I now plant them squarely in punk-rock. And that’s clearly where people want it, because they’re gaining traction fast. Listen to Take Control and you hear a raw energy and a sense of life that’s been missed on our stages.


Waiting For June - I Want You Back


Fur Cough


Prog-punk band Fur Cough weave their sound with intensity. Like shoegaze, the vocals are full of reverb and mixed a little lower, bringing a moody ambience sharpened by the fuzzy guitars and angular sounds. Unlike shoegaze, there is a weight on hook and structure. Put it all together, and it’s… aggressively passive? Listen, and you’ll understand.

Best Of 2016


Podcast host Cam has rounded up all the music featured this year and, painfully, whittled it down to three favourites. These will be revealed in three short episodes available on the 21st, 23rd and 25th of this month. If you want to know what’s up and bubbling under the industry hood, this is where it’s at. You can check out last year’s roundup here.

On To New Year


Heads up for ‘17! This year’s been eventful enough, we know, but that’s no excuse. 2017 will see Pwned By Gravity release a new EP, prospective singles from Talisay Nights and William Bugden, the release of our soundtrack for Tom Tremayne’s indie short and the lurking probability of our third major signing. Bring it on!