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Holy Water

Tamarin /

Jake Brett

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Cut Throat Tour


Balkan-style swing-folk. Don’t worry, I didn’t know I was into it either but you know what happens - Cut Throat Francis comes along and now they have a new EP out and before we know where we are, everyone is swinging in the night. That’s fine. We’re all doing it. Especially as there’s a whole tour to swing through! From Cardiff to London through this month and next, lots of chances for a good night out. If you want to preview the music, Kalimotxo is a personal favourite of everyone we’ve asked. And it’s even better live. Just a tip.

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This October we’ve decided to catch up with our network and bring you up to speed with some old friends. Including new music from the very swaggery, very rocky WeatheredMan, synth-pop-rock artist Oscar Jensen and our own Cut Throat Francis’ distinctive Balkan swing-folk. We give mention to more releases and bring you the updates, should be plenty to keep your music appetite sated until November.

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WeatheredMan and the Noise


Simon (aka WeatheredMan) runs an inspired duets project alongside his Mariachi band. He’s graced our podcast shores before and he’s deservedly back with his newest, guitariest song: Mr Jones Says You’re Lookin’ Real Good. With a name like that you know you’re in for some personality - and as usual he doesn’t disappoint. Can you imagine it live? Well, he’s at the Harrogate Blues Bar on the 27th. The King of the North!

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Oscar Jensen


Oscar’s back with his blend of rock and synth-layered pop. Part of a string of recent pearls, Who We Are Inside pits different textures and rhythms against each other like hot apple pie and ice cream. The transitions back and forth are a delight - when the beat gets oppressive, it opens up. When we need direction and structure it doubles back down. You better believe it, Oscar knows how to weave sounds and emotions. From Canada, based in Poland - check him out!

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Never Left Behind



It’s been a heck of a month for our network! Not only is there new merch out from Cut Throat Francis, but previously signed Stockholm legends Mama Sonic finally got their new music out. Loads of Swedish retro-indie character. There’s also been new releases from old podcast guests Jake Brett (Holy Water, this month’s video), Gordon James and the Power (Fall In Love, acoustic rock) and Blaue Blume (Lovable, Danish synth-pop).

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