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Video Of The Month

Callum Pitt

More Than This

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pretend final cover.jpg

leo.'s pretend for real

It’s hit again - leo.’s lethal combination of heavenly vocals, velvety instrumentation and some very dark subject matter. And what’s more, pretend is catchy and smoother than a marble. Paired up with a shiny new music video and coming with the announcement of his first full album in September. It’s like a leo. buffet!

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Podcast: It's All Coming Out Now

Two releases from our artists grace the show - pretend by leo. ahead of his coming album, Cut Throat Francis’ One Legged Dog from their EP and all of it headed up by Brain Ape’s hypnotic political rock song, mcmx. drawing room. Into the gaps are stuffed news and content from our eternal podcast host, Cam.

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Cut Throat Francis

By this point, “Cut Throat Francis” should be plenty to know you’re in for a vibe you’re not going to find anywhere else. Our selected track One Legged Dog has them cooking up some latino feels, with their tango-esque rhythm and dark vocal tonalities. It’s delicious, especially riding out on the band’s instrumental flair and Harriett’s vocals. Hear it live - they’re playing a metric bucket of festivals this year.

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mcmx. drawing room - BRAIN APE.png

Brain Ape

You remember Muse? Can you imagine if they died, turned into poltergeists and came to haunt your earphones? What an amazing experience that would be! Listen to mcmx. drawing room by Brain Ape and you can have that experience too. It’s all-consuming, distorted and super effective.

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