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Speak Easy Circus

Quarantunes Vol. 6

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Kayla Grace

Kayla’s single Spoilt Brat takes a chilled electro-drum pop and drops in a good dollop of attitude and self-assurance. It makes a pretty perfect breakup recovery song. Coming from Watford, she won over Brian May and Roger Taylor to grab the Freddie Mercury Music Scholarship - it looks to be just the beginning for Kayla Grace who is working on her next sounds.

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A summer’s retrogression from the new to the classic this month as Cam takes us through Kayla’s down-tempo electropop, WeatheredMan And The Noise’s ballsy new single and classic Cut Throat Francis gold. With all the usual bells and whistles, catch up with the last few episodes on our spotify.

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WeatheredMan And The Noise

Ring the bells and drape the flags for returning guest WeatheredMan And The Noise, bringing their new single He’s Such A Good Man. Seam-bustingly full of their signature in-your-face distortions and vocals, it’s instantly recognisable as a WeatheredMan And The Noise track. It’s well worth delving into the duets, singles and appearances that make up WeatheredMan’s history.

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Cut Throat Francis

On the anniversary of its release, we thought it was a good idea to have a relisten to Handsome Joe, from Cut Throat Francis’ cult classic This Garden’s Never Gonna Grow. It’s the perfect introduction to their blend of Balkan inspired swing-folk which swept the southwest last year. For all our best and most recommended, don’t neglect our playlists!

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